Inform and inspire after booking

During the final planning process, any changes to travel plans automatically update on the Canvas Guides, minimising the need to send out amended PDFs or keep track of emails.

During the travel lag, keep customers engaged with useful updates. Packing lists, excursion details, recommended reading, weather updates, can all be housed in Canvas Guides.

Confirmed documents (flight details, guides and emergency contacts) can be uploaded as PDFs.

Benefits for the...

Tour Operator

Canvas Guides acts as a pre-sales conversion tool; enabling the sales assistant to update and amend the enquiry as the booking enquiry evolves. Subsequently, following post sale confirmation the link evolves into a convenient method of providing information to the traveller both leading up to their departure and on-trip.


Process: The tour operator populates (either manually or by API) flight details, holiday itinerary, destination, accommodations, excursions, information and documents into an attractive and intuitive Canvas Guides itinerary sent directly to the traveller’s mobile phone or tablet. Tour operators can send notifications and reminders to the traveller prior and during their holiday.

There are two options to populate the information in the PWA. This populated content is ‘aggregated’ using the Canvas Guides generator.

CRM Population via API: For tour operators with an established CRM or similar the system can compile information about trips, destinations and accommodation etc using the Canvas Guides REST API connectivity to draw data from co-operative systems.

CMS Population: For tour operators and travel agents without an established CRM, Canvas Guides offers a simple, easy to use CMS (content management system) to compile content required to populate the PWA. Once an account has been created, destination and hotel descriptions and images are populated, day-by-day itineraries are easily created and duplicated for new clients’ trips.


Canvas Guides is an immersive travellers’ assistant which contains the essential information about their booked holiday. Traditionally this information has been provided by the tour operator, in either printed form or as a substantial PDF (held on client portal or emailed).


Canvas Guides is a simple, easy to use web application which the traveller loads directly into their smartphone. However as it is built in responsive html and is cloud based, the latest information is available at all times on any device.

The tour operator shares a unique URL by email to the traveller. The traveller clicks the URL on their smartphone, tablet or desktop and this downloads and caches a complete PWA microsite containing all the necessary details of their holiday. The traveller is prompted to bookmark the PWA to their home screen to allow easy future access.

The PWA’s features include:- a day-by-day itinerary and photos; hotel information and photos; a map with markers showing the locations of booked hotels; destination information and photos; and contact information for the tour guide and the company organising the trip.

In the initial Pre-Sales stage, a link to the portal or payment process can be provide. Over time, as the estimate becomes a confirmed booking, these links will evolve to become relevant to the recipient as their status changes.

The itinerary, once bookmarked on the user’s device for the first time, Canvas Guides will load and work without an internet connection. Ideal for travelling when a connection to the internet is intermittent or absent (such as during a flight and in-country).

How does it work?

After an enquiry is made, personalise to the customers’ needs, generate the Canvas Guides, and send a live link directly via email or text message.

Canvas Guides can be accessed on any device, and can be shared amongst family or co-travellers.

On mobile can be installed like an app to the user’s homescreen, with your own branded icon.


Populate the database with your regular travel or event information


Drag and drop into a new itinerary or agenda


Add personalised information to create a unique, personalised Canvas Guides


Distribute via email or QR code for immediate customer access, viewable on any device and shareable with others


Customer installs on their mobile device as a unique, informative tool for your event or trip


Canvas Guides automatically updates with new information as details are finalised or updated